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        Congratulations on your recent engagement! Thank you for visiting L.A.B. where I strive to create only the most flawless and beautiful image for you on your wedding day.

        I am an experienced professional makeup artist and hair stylist with the highest standards for myself my work and the products I use. Only the very best will do. I take pride in the fact that every bride I work with is guaranteed to look and feel her very best. I take away the imperfections while enhancing your individual style so you feel comfortable and beautiful.

        I am not a cosmetic sales person at a mall; you will not have to purchase any products from me. I am not a hairdresser in a salon; you will not have to wait in line behind the masses. I am an expert makeup artist and hair stylist; this is all I do. I work for you and you only on your day! No rushing, no time limits, no waiting in line and best of all, I come to you. I can promise that your makeup and style will last all night. Each element of your special day requires a professional expert in that field, your face and hair are certainly no exception.

       Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Laurie A. Baldwin

"Not being one who wears make-up that much I was nervous about having my make-up done professionally for my wedding day. Laurie reassured me that I would look natural and like myself. Laurie was right, I couldn't have been happier with the way my make-up looked. She did an amazing job, I truly felt beautiful on my wedding day."
      Liz K.

"Everyone said I looked like a movie star and I felt like one too."
      Barbara H.

"The wedding was wonderful and thanks to you I felt like a beautiful bride. And you were right, the makeup lasted through my tears!"
      Monica M.

"I looked so beautiful that I wish I could take you home with me to do my makeup everyday."
      Anne S.

"I love it, you're the best."
      Ruth H.

"No one has ever been able to make me look as good as you did."
      Kelly R.

"My makeup stayed so perfect throughout the night that I wore it on the flight to my honeymoon the next day."(not recommended)
      Janice T.

"I have never been able to keep makeup on for more than an hour, when you did it my makeup lasted all night."
      Erin S.

"My hair was so soft and feminine, it really captured my style."
      Anne T.

"I can not believe how good my bridesmaids and I looked in all the pictures!"
      Patricia D.







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